A conservatorship is similar to a guardianship, but instead it embraces a wider scope and seeks to protect the person by giving a conservator control over the person’s assets and business affairs. A conservatorship’s purpose is to protect the person when “the person is unable to manage property and business affairs effectively because of a clinically diagnosed impairment in the ability to receive and evaluate information …”

Similar to a guardianship, a conservatorship may be temporarily granted for no longer than 90 days when the court finds that it is urgent to put one in place. The conservator may either be granted limited or full/plenary authority, meaning the conservator may be given all control over the person’s assets or just a limited amount of control.

As always, this too is something that can be planned ahead of time, giving you the contentment to know that should something happen invoking a conservatorship you have hand-picked a trusted person to handle the situation and ensure that you are taken care of.

We understand that making the decision to take control over another human being and their decisions is not an easy one. With all the compassion and sensitivity that you and your loved ones deserve, our firm will be right there to help you through this difficult decision. If you are planning just in case a conservatorship is ever needed, we can inform you of your rights, the process and how best to choose this person. On the other hand, if a conservatorship is currently needed for your loved one, do not try to do this alone. Let us assist you in this deeply emotional process.